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*Pierce* Brosnan

Anna Rose awarded me a D&Ad Puncil.
Jim took the photo. (both here


De-sign #3

'Missing' poster



Just some of the stuff I've been lucky enough to do this year. It's gone quickly.
More info here


Introducing 'Gallery setting'

For the last 6 months or so, every week I have been doing seemingly strange things in libraries and book shops across the UK (sometimes to the annoyance of my girlfriend!). I enter said bookshop, choose 5 books from the shelves based on their great cover designs and then display and present them somewhere publicly in the shop. This simple and satisfying act is part of an ongoing project I have just launched entitled 'Gallery setting'.

'Gallery setting' is a project that pulls the act of appreciating great design away from the trendy, exclusive walls of design blogs and museums/galleries (- not that they're is anything wrong with these whatsoever!) and places good design in front of the eyes of everyday people who may not necessarily go to exhibitions all that often. The thinking behind the project is that great design is available for everyone, so being able to appreciate great design should be available for everyone too. There is also the added bonus that you can touch, buy or take away the exhibits there and then too!

This is the very early stages of 'Gallery setting' with my first exhibit choice being books because of their variety in cover design, their availability and the fact that they can also be free from within the public library system, but in the future the archive will grow and I also hope to include other exhibit types such as record sleeves, packaging design, posters etc.

'Gallery setting' exists as a website here - gallerysetting.tumblr.com

If you would like to get involved and set up your own impromptu design exhibition, please email me your photos to gallerysetting@simoncheadle.com.


Happy Mondays, Nicer Tuesdays

I was lucky enough to be given the chance to talk about my 'Make Mistakes' project at It's Nice That's 'Nicer Tuesdays' event, with the theme being 'Creative Mistakes'. There were a great series of talks so I thought I'd try and round up each talk in one sentence.

Patternity - 'There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting' -Buddha

Anthony Burrill - Don't take for granted what you are communicating, people can read works the wrong way and have mistaken meanings.

Carl Burgess - Collect and make mistakes, this will lead to fun and interesting work.

James Ward - Mistakes can be great, scary things that push you to take risks and take silly ideas seriously.


Color's Colo(u)rs

Some colours from Colors, Fabrica in Treviso, Italy.


Book Table

Two custom-designed tables commissioned by Kingston University to exhibit books for the BA(Hons) Illustration and Animation degree show. The books sit within the table on clear perspex, attached and secured with bookbinding thread to laser cut 'R's, reinforcing the exhibition's brand - 'Rare'. Made with James Jessiman.

I have taken this project off my website for the time being but don't necessarily want it to be deleted forever from its online existence. Consider this post the Book Table's retirement home.


What Next?

Design Agency 5foot6 have teamed up with Beach London to present a selection of graduate illustrators as they take their first steps into industry and I am lucky enough to be one of those chosen few!

What Next? - an exhibition and publication launching at Beach on Thursday 29th November 2012 will feature the work of myself and 9 other exciting young illustrators based on a series of questions that were passed from person to person.

I will post some photos up of the launch here and upload my work onto my website very soon. So watch this space.

James Jessiman
Charlie Cameron
Lorna Scobie
Joe Vass
Joshua Wiley
Ellie Andrews
Grace Helmer
Callum Robey
Simon Cheadle
Josh Checkley

20 Cheshire Street

London, E2 6EH
Thursday 29th November
Beach London



DEREKS, an online shop 'showcasing British design and supporting British manufacturing' launched today! (at www.derekshop.co.uk) 

I was kindly asked by them to design a notebook cover for their '£10 or less' section. (see below)

The design is an adaptive system for personalisation and everyday use, reflecting the fact that a plain notebook can contain anything and be used by anyone. The cover can also exist as a decorative pattern, if he or she decides not to modify it. Users are encouraged when they have personalised their books to photograph their covers and send them to me at notebook@simoncheadle.com, so they can be displayed on my website!

The notebook is available to buy now for £8. Be sure to check out some other great stuff by other illustrators and designers too!


Digital arts feature

My work was lucky enough to be featured in this month's Digital Arts magazine, feel free to buy it if you want to read my pretentious-sounding answers in print.


On the New Balance website...

For the past week or so, I and other makers and 'artisans' from The Cottage Project/New Balance collaboration have been on the main New Balance website as part of their London Experience Centre. (see it here or in the image below - as it's online for a limted time only!)